And End and a Beginning. With Beer, Sushi & Cupcakes

Today I wound up 5 years of working in the library at Macarthur Anglican School. Feeling a teeny bit overwhelmed by it this morning, I arrived at my desk to this:

Patriotic, yes? For a Brit it is, but that is what I’m temporarily becoming…

Arranged by the lovely supershan, it made me grin, and the smile did not leave my face nearly all day.

I’m still feeling dazed & a little meh, but the application of rocking tunes & beer is helping. Plus, Sarah is cooking caramel slice and keeps squeaking with excitement. My squeaks will probably start around 11pm…

Shannon also supplied these lovely cupcakes –

Delicious! So moist & cupcakey with a swirl of butter cream AND edible ball bearings! I really should of taken kidnapped eaten stolen asked if I could take some home.

Thanks Shannon! Much appreciated. Appreciation and warmest feelings directed to my boss & her Mr, who baked a Matilda worthy chocolate cake. It did not have cream in middle (I think the Trunchbull’s did) but it was very inviting to look at. Bruce Bogtrotter would not have stood a chance in the Library Office today.

So I bid goodbye to the Library and it’s lovely ladies (see you next week for Italian!) and start the serious business of packing & repacking my 65litre pack.

Where does the beer & sushi come in? I’m drinking Tiger beer as I type, and we’ve got reservations for dinner at the Japanese restaurant in Wollongong. Perfect.

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I live in the world, and intend to explore it.
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4 Responses to And End and a Beginning. With Beer, Sushi & Cupcakes

  1. Karen says:

    It will be interesting following your travels, are you going to be based in the UK? If you are over for a while we should catch up as we head back to the UK in another month.


    • KTunravels says:

      Yep, based in the Uk. It would be great to meet up! We land in the UK on the 25th May and will be traveling around southern England for a bit, then back in London for about a week. I’ll PM you on Ravelry and we can see if we can arrange a meet-up? Would love to hear about tips & tricks about Italy!

  2. Shan says:

    I’m so glad I was able to make a nervous day more fun! And you should’ve taken cupcakes home! I’m sitting here in the office right now eating a piece of that Matilda style cake for breakfast and it is still great. Love lots, happy packing!

    • KTunravels says:

      Maybe get a hold of Jacinta and she can bring some home 😉 We’re seeing Robin Hood tonight with her & Rob…
      I’m not going to miss the early mornings (or the cold that has arrived!) but I will miss seeing you & the others everyday! I miss it already…
      P.S. The London magnet is on Mum’s fridge – Anyone who walks past tweaks it!

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