Childhood Wonders

As I get ready to move to that damp soggy island off the European continent, there are several things I want to do before I go. Yesterday, Mum & I headed out for the afternoon to Kiama, a sweet little town south of Wollongong. Kiama is a favourite of my Mum’s. We have gone there lots over the years. When I was little, they had a really fun & exciting playground, complete with super high swings (anyone else remember really tall swings?) and a rocketship that had 2 slippery-dips! The fun playground stuff is gone now, possibly because of safety issues.

Besides the brilliant playground, Kiama also boasts a blowhole, a result of volcanic eruption thousands of years ago and the ferocity of the ocean. It still gives me a thrill when you hear the whomp! before the white spray comes up out of the hole.

The Blowhole at Kiama. Blowing

On Friday, as you can see, it was blowing. I have been there when it blows enough to get you very wet, but that  was in the days when ‘they’ didn’t believe in putting fences up to stop people climbing down to get a closer look.

Which doesn’t stop some people anyway, witnessed on Friday clamboring over the fence. People frequently get washed off the rocks around Kiama, including experienced rock fisherman. Hmm. Anyway.

In the late afternoon sunlight of a beautiful May day, Kiama is just lovely. And though things change, like the shops (lovely little florist, gone. Now a clothes shop!) and The-Powers get rid of wonderful contraptions designed to get kids interested in playing outdoors, the blowhole will keep blowing for thousands of years to come.

Kiama Lighthouse

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1 Response to Childhood Wonders

  1. Shan says:

    Is the flower shop ‘Always Flowers’? I was bemoaning it’s loss too but it has just moved around the corner! Smaller and not as beautiful but still some beautiful things!

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