Shawl of the Sea & Pyroclastic

These interesting designed socks are a Knitty design, Pyroclastic by name. I really loved the shaping of the arch & the shaping towards the toe. The mock cables look great too, a sinuous line down the leg and flowing into the toe.

These will be gifted to Bec, as part of my Christmas promises involving knitted items. I knew at the time that that was a big commitment… 4 pairs of socks in, several to go…

Bec told me that she liked RED most of all, after I quizzed her about purple. And I found this colourway, Seductive by Lush Yarn. Great colours, but they don’t stick around, as the girls are experimenting with new colours all the time. I really like the variation, the dark red, the pale pink. When I first started Bec’s socks, I had decided on My Vampire boyfriend, also a Knitty pattern. But the pattern and the yarn just didn’t want to cooperate! So I changed the pattern to Pyroclastic and it started to fly off the needles. It got a bit creative with the shaping of the arch & toe, as I was using the magic loop method (one circular needle) but I love the finished product. So much that I want to keep them. Except that they are a little too big for my pixie feet.

The other project that I have finished recently is my Onerva Shawl, a Finnish pattern from the vaults of Ravelry. The pattern is in Finnish, but the designer provided some helpful translations and then another enterprising Raveler provided detailed notes that helped enormously. I used Lush Yarn again, this time in their Cash/Silk blend, colourway ‘London’. Beautiful blues, greens & grays make this shawl something very special too me. I’m taking it with me, of course. However, when I was agonising over pattern choice and then fervently knitting this shawl, I thought of London and my visit there. Today I stopped at Thirroul Beach and took a few photos of it, and the colour of the ocean was just gorgeous. And my shawl took it’s place as my reminder of the ocean.

Thirroul Beach, cloudy May day


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2 Responses to Shawl of the Sea & Pyroclastic

  1. drkknits says:

    oh there is nothing quite like the pacific on a nearly-winters day. i think you will miss that a lot, but the shawl is a lovely reminder!

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