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A post done with my iPhone, I hope this works. So, Italian food. Molto bene! We’ve been careful with our money through most of our holiday, but once we hit Rome, Sarah and I rebelled a little – we had … Continue reading

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An Italy Post

On the 16th of June I left my computer and all the trappings with my Mum’s friend Nora in London. So, computer free and weighing a fair bit less I managed to get the plane to Italy. And how wonderful … Continue reading

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London – 1 Day Tourist Style

I’ve been in London for about 10 days now altogether. I’m getting to know my way around a bit, know which Underground stations to go to, how to find a bus going to your destination… And I love it! I … Continue reading

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Walking So Much, My Feet May Fall Off

On the weekend I traveled down to Chatham, Kent for the wedding of a close friend. Our parents were friends – even before my parents were married, so relations go back a long way with us. I don’t remember Mark … Continue reading

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Losing Your Map. In London

A few months ago, in George St Dymocks (Sydney), I bought a brilliant little pop-up map of London, so neat & small it can fit in a pocket. I’ve used it a fair bit this trip, only I misplaced it … Continue reading

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Turning 30 and Random Wanderings

On the 97th anniversary of Emily Davidson’s death, I turned 30, a woman with the right to vote and wear trousers. So, I turned 30 on Tuesday. It didn’t feel like a big deal, it was a birthday celebrated while … Continue reading

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In the No-Longer Dodgy Part of Town

On the Southbank of London, called Southwark, stands the Globe theatre. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre it is often called, though Shakespeare never set foot in the one now standing (or has he??) The current building is a faithful replica (down to … Continue reading

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