Parking with the Regent

Another  Saturday morning. The sun has just made an appearance and thought it’s strong & bright, it will disappear quickly behind invisible clouds. Still, a seemingly pleasant day (no rain, yet) has us thinking of visiting a park or garden for a few hours. It’s free and quite lovely, and also a link to London’s past in quite a unique way than visiting a castle, palace or dungeon. 

Sarah and I decided to spend Australian Election Day in Regent’s Park. I voted a few days ago, without the required sausage sizzle and cake stall. Posting my vote through a red Royal Mail postbox was not quite the same as trying to squeeze the House of Representative tablecloth/voting sheet into the little cardboard slot, but democracy has been exercised. Even if they know whom I voted for.

So we hopped on the bus and made our way to Regent’s Park, via John Lewis (department store, much like Myer). It’s amazing how on a busy weekend in London, moving just one street parallel to Oxford St cuts down on pedestrian traffic. It’s still busy, but not teeming. For an person who has been in Sydney for New Year’s Eve – it’s like that, particularly from 4pm.

Walked through the Avenue Gardens, pausing to marvel at the colours and take advantage of the lovely backdrops… Before heading to the Honest Sausage, an organic pork product cafe, specialising in bacon & sausage rolls (sausage inna bun!). I went with an organic sausage, Sarah with pork & leek, both topped with onion relish. After this we retired to a patch of green grass and watched people pass by on Saturday afternoon activities, including runaway conjoined dogs – two well kept dogs with a lead between them and one trailing behind…

Lack of blood to certain regions led us to take a stroll into Queen Mary’s Gardens, a veritable wonderland of rose buses & duck ponds. I feel like I am turning into my Granny when I take photos of flowers, in particular roses, but they are willing, beautiful subjects, and there are masses of them, with some fanciful names. The rose season is dying, but there were still plenty of blooms to smell & stroke softly. Personal favourite was ‘Deep velvet’, which had a velvety softness to the smell and the petals.

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1 Response to Parking with the Regent

  1. Nola says:

    I’ve read this one…still not up-to-date with the others. Good to see democracy being exercised from distant shores. Your vote truly makes a difference this time! Still no government or PM here yet.

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