Ever had one of those days where you find yourself seeing things in an entirely different light? It might be because you are waiting on news and are trying to distract yourself, or have been so bogged down in the humdrum of a certain place that fresh air, sunshine and green grass helped smooth the edges? Frequently I am escaping to London’s parks & gardens for this sort of therapy.

One day in the middle of October I escaped Willesden and hopped the 52 bus, getting off at Kensington Gardens. It was a stunner of an early autumn day, clear blue sky, golden sunshine and a breeze that hinted at coolness. The summer deck chairs where still out, demonstrating the extended warmth that London has experienced this year. I love the way they seem to be sailing away in the breeze, sailing away with summer.

Sitting on the fence...

Some strolling in a direction I had never been before meant meeting some balancing squirrels and doing a teeny bit of squealing when a stupid pigeon connected with my foot. It’s something about the eyes of pigeons, you can never tell if they were zombified or evil. Mostly just plain stupid, but they are the ones you have to worry about in the zombie apocalypse. At least, that’s what Jam Trousers tells me.


Just around the corner from the Albert Memorial, I found this wonderful mirror. It was a piece from Anish Kapoor’s exhibition at the Serpentine Gallery, Turning the World Upside Down. There was a security guard who told me that if you turned your head upside down, the mirror was 3D. And it was pretty amazing! It even works when you look at the photo.

Extremely impressed by this installation, I went in search of the others. A big round disk occupied a clearing on the bank of the Serpentine, near the elegant Georgian fountains. I sat and read for a while in the sun, dozing every now and again before moving on to see the other side of the giant disk.

A smaller disk on the Round Pond near Kensington Palace was cool, especially with the ducks and swans gliding serenely around. Instead of being mirrored, it was red, only slightly reflecting the sky. This installation of mirrors & reflective surfaces was great for a day of personal reflection & thinking. The clarity came back.

There was another object that I did not find, that will be my objective for next time. I hear that it’s witches hat shaped…


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2 Responses to Clarity

  1. Nola says:

    Witch’s-hat-shaped object….?

  2. Nola says:

    Is there something I should know about Kensington Gardens…?
    Sounds like a *good* day for keeping your head in the right place. Love, N.

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