View over Barcelona from Park GuellHola!

When I first started out travelling, almost 3 years ago, my interest in Spanish cities was small. They sure looked interesting, but the glamour & the glory and cultural lures of Italy and it’s ancient past eclipsed much of my interest. Of course, that has changed! Sure, the Roman roots are there and the weird cross of Christianity and a colourful pagan past, but everything is different – texture, smell, sound, taste, feeling.

When my Mum suggested that we go somewhere sunnier for a weekend while she was visiting, and I thought immediately of Barcelona. And it was exactly the right choice. We had 4 days of sunshine, enough to slightly burn my neck, although since my skin is a thoroughly pasty English white now so I shouldn’t be too surprised!

I’m going to split my blog posts up, as there is heaps I want to write about and keeping them smaller will be easier for me to work on them (no internet at home at the moment, this is an ‘inbetween’ work thing!)


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2 Responses to Barcelona!

  1. nnonmac says:

    Fantastic Katie! Our Tim (now 19yo, soon to be 20) is applying to be an exchange student for 2nd semester 2013 (Sept13-Jan14 in Spain) to a Spanish university, hopefully University of Valencia. Your photo in this post looks wonderful. I’ll follow your Spanish blogs with interest! Love, Nola xxx

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