This morning I woke up pretty early and lay in bed gazing up at the Lycabettus Hill. I learnt today that Lycabettus Hill was created as Athena was attempting to make the Acropolis even higher. She got distracted and dropped the rock, forming the tallest hill in Athens. I’m going to try and go up it tomorrow.
After breakfast, I caught the metro from Omonoia to Thisseio, and emerged from the state to that view (above). My breath quickened I can tell you! It has been a realisation of so many years to see the Acropolis that I still can’t believe it! I’m sitting in my hotel room, nursing sore, tired feet and a rather pink sunburn and feeling a little overwhelmed with all I’ve seen today.

Once I’d located the entrance to the Ancient Agora, I wandered around in a bit of a daze. I found the Temple of Hephaistos (above), it truly is beautiful and much more intact than the buildings perched high above it. More wanderings, including the Agora museum and the Panthenaic Way and I was on the winding path to the Acropolis.
Once you’re at the gates, it almost feels like entering an amusement park, they scan your eticket (which you have to collect from a ticket office) and then you go through turnstiles…

And then you’re here!

And even though there was loads of people and uneven ground, I loved it. Especially the Erechtheion with its porch of the maidens (Caryatids). I’ve always been fascinated by them, and I love the fact that the originals are now in the museum (5 in the Acropolis Museum, 1 in the British!) they put copies up and they are just stunning.

I even made it to the Temple of Olympian Zeus which was the impressive, even though most of it is missing!

And then to the New Acropolis Museum for hours of pottery, marbles and musing. I had a Greek coffee (wonderfully thick) and a pastry with vanilla custard in the restaurant which is very atmospheric, with the view & such.

Limping home, I was ‘complimented’ a few times on my colour – yep, sunburnt! Guess who completely forgot sunscreen due to the excessive cold nature of London? So now, I’m contemplating going out to see the Acropolis at night and grabbing some souvlaki. But maybe I’ll just pop downstairs for a bit of pizza and rest the feet for tomorrow, in which I plan to do more museums and climb that hill!

I will do more thorough posts when I’m home and have access to my camera photos. The iPhone ones are not the best anymore but I just have to post something!

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