About an hour and a half on the ferry from Port Pireseus took me to Hydra. It’s a beautiful little island, with probably not as much holiday traffic as some of the more well known islands, but it is perfect as a break from city travelling.

There are no cars, motorbikes or even bikes here – it’s all big shiny cobbles and stairs everywhere. Donkeys are the only other traffic besides people, who stroll down the streets, taking life easy. I’m sad to leave after only 2 nights! I don’t feel like going back to London with the cold and the massive amount of people.

Yesterday I had a bit of a lie in, then a walk around the village. The guesthouse where I’m staying is back from the harbour just a little and my room has a street facing window.


The best thing about yesterday was the swimming I did, off a little platform into such clear water! It was a bit cold at first, and it took me ages to get in, but I did it in the end, with encouragement from two middle-aged Hydra ladies.

I did a bit of sunning myself on the rocks and now I’m paying for it with sunburn. I did use sunscreen, but not enough for my English conditioned skin!

I also had a good dinner at this little restaurant that was suggested to me by a friendly shopkeeper. She was correct, I had a Greek salad and then calamari with a glass of white wine and then ouzo to finish. I’m not sure about ouzo, interesting taste and it sure packs a punch!

Today I catch the ferry at midday and hopefully will be able to spend a little time in Athens I havn’t seen the cemetery that was included on my Ancient Athens ticket, so I might try that. Depends on how much time I have.

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