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Trying to Leave. And Failing

Sadly, holidaying in Italy had to end. We had 3 nights in Florence,┬áin the city, and for our final morning we decided to do a bit of shopping, a bit of eating and a little bit of basilica gazing before … Continue reading

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A Woman with Passionate Intensity

When I was in high school, I remember hearing about a talented young artist who was raped by her teacher and how the consequences of bringing him to trial and justice overflowed into her painting. I had forgotten her name, … Continue reading

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Waiting in Lines

As June drew to a close and we spent our last few days in Italy, we seemed to spend a considerable amount of time waiting in queues. It could be considered practice, for the popular London sport of forming a … Continue reading

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Sculpture For All

Florence. I fell in love with this city, the golden sunlight, the beautiful buildings, the fascinating history and the ultimate in Renaissance art collections. We arrived in the heat of a baking summer’s afternoon, after a quick stop at the … Continue reading

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Siena. Sun Soaked & Delicious

Looking back at our days in Siena from the overcast Isle of Britain, I remember the heat, and the smell of Siena. Ripe tomatoes and garlic, the bluest steak I have ever had and the amazing Chianti (wine of the … Continue reading

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Pantheon & The Death of Julius Caesar

I was thinking today that it’s the last day of July and what has happened in the last month… And how far behind I am in blogging! Life in London is fun, frustrating (no jobs for librarians apparently!) and the … Continue reading

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Queen of Roads

One of the things I will remember with clarity about Rome is the hot summer sunshine beating down on ancient stones. I grew up with summers that are so hot that the bitumen melts and you get sunburnt in 10 … Continue reading

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