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This Scepter’d Isle

Yes, it has been a very long time between posts and I’m a little bit sorry. There is so much to catch up on. But I’m not going to try. Because of lazy. Well, maybe, but now they are memories … Continue reading

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The Glorious Palace of Westminster

Every year at the beginning of September there is a weekend where a number of buildings in London are ‘Open’. Some require you to book (well in advance too!) and some are only open at certain times, it’s a great … Continue reading

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We’ve been going through the tedious and extremely frustrating world of renting a place in London. It-is-awful. The market is tight. And when you find a place with a landlord willing to accept your offer, it’s a win. Except for … Continue reading

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Settling Into Routine and Rambling

Even when you’re staying at a backpacker hostel and living out of a suitcase (a small one this week – I condensed and I like it) you can settle into a routine. Weekdays consist of getting up at 6.30 and … Continue reading

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Electric Lights On Strings

Early November, after Guy Fawkes night, the Christmas lights were flicked on for Regent Street, with a little fuss, some Narnia kiddies, last year’s X-factor winner and hearty doses of Christmas sentiment that I wasn’t quite prepared for. It was … Continue reading

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Not a Christmas Post

Remember how I mentioned the other mirror? This is it. It was a find and did some marvellous things with perception. It’s getting closer and closer to the Real Cold, with predictions of snow flurries next Thursday! A couple of … Continue reading

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Ever had one of those days where you find yourself seeing things in an entirely different light? It might be because you are waiting on news and are trying to distract yourself, or have been so bogged down in the … Continue reading

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