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Barcelona, like lots of elder cities in Europe, has layers upon layers of living history. From first settlement scraps, paved Roman streets, medieval oddities, Renaissance flair to modern erm, flair?,  it’s own unique look has been tempered by over 2000 … Continue reading

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Pantheon & The Death of Julius Caesar

I was thinking today that it’s the last day of July and what has happened in the last month… And how far behind I am in blogging! Life in London is fun, frustrating (no jobs for librarians apparently!) and the … Continue reading

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Queen of Roads

One of the things I will remember with clarity about Rome is the hot summer sunshine beating down on ancient stones. I grew up with summers that are so hot that the bitumen melts and you get sunburnt in 10 … Continue reading

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Pagan Rome

So the story, as I remember it (and after all, history is what you remember, right? That’s why there are only 2 important dates) goes something like this: Rome was founded by 2 brothers, Romulus and Remus. They were abandoned(?) … Continue reading

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St Peter and his Churches

When I was in Italy, it was interesting the way I viewed the extensive religious art, churches, basilicas and overall general Catholic nature of this fabulous country. The religious buildings (of which there are thousands in Roma alone!) hold beautiful … Continue reading

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A Grand Scale

The ticket to the Colosseum includes the archaeological site of the Palatine Hill and the Forum Romana. And while these ruins are not as intact and imposing as the gladiatorial arena, I found that my notions of ancient Rome and … Continue reading

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Veni Vidi Amazi

Isn’t it amazing? Apart from part of an aqueduct viewed from the train, this was my first Rome sight – and it was incredible. Only a 10 minute walk away from our hostel, Ciak Hostel – Recommended. More like a … Continue reading

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A post done with my iPhone, I hope this works. So, Italian food. Molto bene! We’ve been careful with our money through most of our holiday, but once we hit Rome, Sarah and I rebelled a little – we had … Continue reading

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An Italy Post

On the 16th of June I left my computer and all the trappings with my Mum’s friend Nora in London. So, computer free and weighing a fair bit less I managed to get the plane to Italy. And how wonderful … Continue reading

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